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My Story

My name is Daniel Simmons and I am the owner of Cleaning Search.

I am retired now but back in the day I owned my own cleaning company employing over 30 cleaners working in all areas across Sydney NSW providing a range of services including home cleaning, window cleaning and office cleaning.

The reason I started this website was because I wanted to give back to the industry which had given me so much joy and which also provided a good living for my family and myself.

I still work on a contractual basis from time to time as a cleaning business consultant and I don’t mean to toot my own horn or sound arrogant, but I am definitely well respected in the industry and can easily separate the professionals from the cowboys

Just as a side note – I do not accept any forms of payment from cleaning companies which wish to be included in this directory. If you are an owner of a cleaning company and wish to be included on this site, please contact me via the contact page of this website. There are no guarantees of inclusion and the only way is to provide a great service to your customers and the community.


Owner of Cleaningsearch directory