Best Cleaning Products for Cleaning Company 2020

The Best General Cleaning Products For Your Cleaning Business

Commercial cleaning products and cleaning equipment have come a long way in the past 20 years. Cleaning chemical manufacturers are creating cleaning products which are not only more efficient to use but also better for the environment. If you own a cleaning business then having the right cleaning equipment and cleaning detergents plays a very important roles in keeping your business efficient and allow you to reduce labour costs allowing you to provide a service which is better value for money for your clients while also being more profitable for you.

Here are the 7 Best Cleaning Products for cleaning companies in 2020 –

PH7 Floor & All-Purpose Cleaner

The green and neutral pH-7 cleans floors and wipes down hard surface areas like desks, benches, walls, and doors. The all-purpose cleaning product is made of the highest quality and is formulated to be cost-effective, safe, and efficient.

Toilet Cleaner

This is a must-have product. Everybody uses the toilet and can’t really afford not having it work. If not regularly cleaned, the stench can be enough for one to decide to hold it in. There’s a range of fast-acting Toilet cleaners that will sanitize, kill germs and shine asset. You can get Superbowl toilet bowl cleaner or Fresco, which is multi-purpose. toilet bowl cleaner

Glass Cleaner

Glass improves the style and sophistication of the space it occupies. It has become more prevalent in the contemporary world with many residential and commercial areas using more glass features. So a glass cleaner is of value. For beautiful streak-free glass, mirrors, perspex, and other polished surfaces, you can use Fast Glass or Flash Dry, which are fast drying and super-fast drying respectively. They are basically used in a spray and wipe technique. We recommend Halo Brand Glass Cleaner. Glass Cleaner

Air Freshener

Air fresheners eliminate strong unpleasant odors. They have a detergent and perfume in them that removes the bad odor source by breaking it down and deodorizing the area. The lovely long-lasting fragrance leaves any room smelling fresh. You can use it by spraying and wiping surfaces or spray into the air or even mop bucket. We recommend Country Garden by Agar for this. Air Freshener

Heavy Duty Detergent & Degreaser

There’s a wide range of Heavy Duty Detergents that tackle those hard to clean and tough environments. Depending on the area being cleaned, there’s a product for every application. They are designed to deal with oil, dirt, grime, grease, and fat in any environment. You can use Agar Dirt-Off for outdoor cleaning, React, and Presto for kitchen grease and fat, Renegade, Shifter, Vantage, or Wheelie Bin Cleaner. H.S.C degreaser is great for cleaning of heavy grease areas such as commercial kitchens.   degreaser detergent

Goo Remover

Sticky residue left over from sticky tape and decals is very common in a commercial space or home so it’s good to carry a citrus based cleaner specifically designed to remove it. We like to use De-Solv-it 125ml Sticky Spot and Stain Remover.

Cleaning Caddy & Spray Bottles

Accidently using the wrong cleaning product could possibly cause damage to the clients property so you need to keep all bottles labeled properly. We recommend providing each of your cleaners with a cleaning caddy and different coloured spray bottles so they can easily access the correct cleaning product for every task  

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Mark Warner

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