How Much Does House Cleaning Cost

How Much Does House Cleaning Cost

How much does house cleaning cost

Nothing feels better than walking into a sparkling clean home. The moment you open your doors
and see dustless shelves, sparkling floors, shiny windows is always magical. Getting the right cleaning
service provider can offer you peace of mind.

House Cleaning Price List

So how much do house cleaners charge? The following is a guide –

Cleaning ServiceHourly Rate
Regular House Cleaning$32 to $50
Once Off Spring Cleaning$40 to $50
Window Cleaning$45 to $70
High Pressure Cleaning$45 to $70

In general, you should expect to pay less per hour for regular house cleaning which happens weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This is because a regular run is much easier for the cleaning company to organise than something which needs to be done at random.

Additional charges may be incurred if you live away from a house cleaning service provider due to additional travel time required to get to your job. There is also a minimum charge in most cases and this can range anywhere from $80 to $150 depending on where you live.

Some other factors that may affect the rate charged include cleaning frequency, are there pets in the house, what kind of surface is being cleaned, do you need special cleaning for windows or furniture, and the number of people cleaning your house.


Cleaning Rates vs Quality

Choosing the cheapest cleaning company is not always the best option. Reliability can be an issue when the cleaning you go with cheaper options as these are usually the cleaners which just work for themselves. This means there isn’t any replacement should anything happen to them and they can’t work on the day of your clean. Insurance is also a problem for some of these providers, although cleaning is usually straightforward, you want to make sure your cleaner is fully insured in case something accidently breaks or they hurt themselves while cleaning your property.

Be sure to check out what other customers have to say about a house cleaning service
provider by reading their reviews. Another way to ensure you get value for money is ensure that you choose
what you want them to clean, by making sure that they clean the rooms that require a lot of cleaning get the
most attention. Individual house cleaners are better than hiring a professional house cleaning service
provider because they are cheaper and easier to negotiate with. Do your share of light cleaning around the
house and you will always save and get the service you ordered for.

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Daniel Simmons

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