Active Office Cleaning Sydney Hires new manager to expand carpet cleaning services

Active Office Cleaning Sydney Hires New Site Manager for Carpet Cleaning Dept

Active Office Cleaning Sydney, the company who recently made headlines in the commercial cleaning services industry by picking up a large number of Sydney childcare centre cleaning contracts by winning the bid over several other larger cleaning companies has just announced it will now offer carpet cleaning as an additional service to all their customers as a strategy to increase their market share.

In an interview, the owner of Active Office Cleaning Sydney, Mr. Geoffrey Tooney said that the company is happy to launch this service to get closer to their objective of providing a complete cleaning solution to all their customers. The company has hired one of the best site managers in the carpet cleaning industry, Shan Lopez to look after the carpet cleaning department. This news comes as a welcome change for many customers who already hired Active Office Cleaning before, but were looking for a high-quality office cleaning company. They can now rely on this company to take care of the carpets in the office too.

Carpet cleaning requires efficient staff and some of the latest machines in the business. Active Office Cleaning Sydney has not compromised on any of the two. Their highly-trained staff listens to what Shan Lopez has to say. Plus, the team is equipped with the most advanced machines to keep the carpets clean. The company may offer all the different types of carpet cleaning services such as dry carpet cleaning, hot water extraction cleaning, bonnet cleaning, carpet shampooing, and encapsulation.


One of the reasons why Active Office Cleaning Sydney has attracted the attention of thousands of customers is the price of their services. Whether it is office cleaning or retail cleaning, they have made sure that the customers don’t find them to be too expensive. It is expected that their carpet cleaning solutions will also be priced reasonably so that everyone can consider hiring them for the job.

About Active Office Cleaning: Experience and reasonable cost are the two factors that give Active Office Cleaning Sydney an edge over its competitors. The company knows the importance of a clean working space that not only looks good but also smells and feels good. They have taken over the responsibility to offer that kind of experience through their cleaning services. The staff and the owners only have two objectives – one, to clean your property efficiently, and second, to keep the customers happy through their service. And, with their decision to introduce carpet cleaning services, customers will be more delighted now because they can rely on Active Office Cleaning with another cleaning service from now.