Cleaningsearch Opens More Spots on it’s Cleaning Company DIrectory

Sydney Cleaning Company directory Cleaningsearch has announced it will be adding another three businesses to it’s directory over the coming weeks and are currently inviting other Sydney Cleaning Companies to join their directory.

The directory is different from others being that it will only feature the best cleaning companies which have been qualified and vetted by Cleaningsearch.

Owner of Cleaningsearch directory Daniel Simmons says “We’ve only launched exactly 1 month ago and already we are receiving requests from a number of building management and strata companies who have contacted us to help them find a suitable Sydney cleaning company for their cleaning needs, one of them manage over 10 buildings all over Sydney”. He also adds “finding good cleaners is something which the Australian facility management industry struggles with and our aim is to change this”.

When asked the question – why are good cleaners so hard to find in Sydney? He responded “the cleaning industry here is behind compared to overseas counterparts, mainly due to lack of training and the reluctance of cleaning company business owners to upgrade to better cleaning processes and equipment, however, there are cleaning companies out there which are now adopting newer and better technology so things are starting to get better and our plan down the line is to also start educating cleaning companies about the latest and best cleaning processes”.

Cleaningsearch does not accept any forms of payment whether in the form of cash or gift from cleaning companies who wish to be included in the directory.
Any interested cleaning companies which wishes to be added to the directory should contact Cleaningsearch via the website’s contact page. There is no guarantee of being accepted, but companies which have a good reputation and provide exceptional service to their clients have the best chance of making it onto the directory. All companies listed in the cleaning directory will be fully vetted to ensure they have the equipment, knowledge and insurance to provide an exceptional service provide excellent service.