Commercial Cleaning Sydney Co Hires Jacob Wang

To better serve the Sydney area, Commercial Cleaning Sydney Co plans to expand their operations. Their expansion goal is to grow their team of cleaners from ten team members to twenty team members by the end of the financial year. To facilitate this growth, Commercial Cleaning Sydney Co is pleased to announce that they have hired Jacob Wang to act as their new operations manager.

Mr. Wang has years of experience in cleaning services and, after spending twenty years in the cleaning industry overseas, has recently relocated to Sydney. As operations manager, he will implement proper cleaning procedures and create manuals for the cleaning team. Under Mr. Wang’s leadership, Commercial Cleaning Sydney Co expects to be able to tender for larger New South Wales government commercial cleaning projects.

Commercial Cleaning Sydney Co places great value on employing dedicated, experienced staff, so they invest heavily in staff training and retention by giving their employees career advancement opportunities. By prioritizing staff retention, common issues caused by high staff turnover – such as inconsistent cleaning quality and missed cleaning sessions – are alleviated.

Commercial Cleaning Sydney Co also understands the importance of using modern cleaning practices and technology. While working in the United States, company founders Steve and Felix Wong realized that the Australian cleaning industry significantly lagged behind its overseas counterpart because it did not utilize current technology and up-to-date cleaning processes. With this insight into the Australian market, the Wongs committed to using modern equipment and implementing contemporary cleaning processes. An innovative approach to commercial cleaning that utilizes new, integrated technology allows Commercial Cleaning Sydney Co to clean more efficiently and at a faster pace than its competitors. More germs are eliminated, and better hygiene is promoted.

Because of their commitment to professionalism and efficiency, Commercial Cleaning Sydney Co has been trusted by clients throughout the Sydney area including the Sydney central business district, Sydney Lower North Shore and Sydney Western Suburbs.

Commercial Cleaning Sydney Co strives to deliver high-quality cleaning solutions while keeping prices competitive by utilizing modern cleaning processes and technology. Founded by Sydney locals Steve and Felix Wong, the company is committed to providing trustworthy, professional commercial cleaning for the Sydney area. Services include construction cleaning, medical centre cleaning, childcare cleaning, office cleaning, gym cleaning, and commercial kitchen cleaning. Commercial Cleaning Sydney Co offers a free quote and free initial clean.


For more information about Mr. Wang’s hiring or Commercial Cleaning Sydney Co upcoming operations expansion, please call 1300 490 895 or visit their office at 36 Walker st, Redfern NSW 2016