What Type of Cleaning Services do cleaning companies offer?

Carpet Cleaner doing job in office

To start or run a cleaning business as successful such as the cleaning companies listed on our Cleaning directory, you need a business plan,a strong foundation and a great marketing strategy to succeed in the cleaning industry.

There are many types of cleaning services with different tasks and requires different types of equipment –

Residential cleaning

This cleaning service is done daily,weekly or on monthly basis, it all depends with your client. The cleaning includes various basic duties; polishing mirrors,dusting,mopping floors,washing surfaces. You need to buy some basic equipments like cleaners,buckets,rags,solvent and mops. It is easy to get clients.

Car Cleaning

Even though most people get their cars cleaned in stations beside roads,starting a car cleaning business is a good idea. This is because a certain percent of people get their cars cleaned in homes since they don’t get enough time to stop on cleaning stations and others prefer car cleaning on their off days.

Commercial cleaning

It involves cleaning business premises,building and offices. You will conduct the cleaning service after official working hours or during the weekends. It involves house keeping duties in the office place. It is normally scheduled according to the business owner preference,this makes sure the cleaning process doesn’t interfere with those working in the office.


Carpet cleaning

This cleaning service ensures that all carpets in homes and offices are well cleaned, deodorized, treated and sanitized. You are required to have enough experience, right machines and products needed for the cleaning service.

Laundry Cleaning

Many people are always in need of laundry services making it a profitable cleaning business. You require basic requirements to start and get clients to offer the cleaning service.

Swimming pool cleaning

To start this type of cleaning service you require some experience. You can hire people during your cleaning business expansion who have experience in pool cleaning. Since you already have clients you providing with other cleaning services,you start offering them this service too,which makes it easier to get clients. This cleaning service will mostly work in schools,hotels and clubs.

Window cleaning

This cleaning service is essential in homes and commercial places. It is easy to start since it requires little capital. To succeed in this cleaning business you need to give clients reliable services. Keep your client loyal by providing them with a high standard of cleaning their windows.

Crime scene cleaning

This will involve you cleaning the mess of crimes,injuries and death. This cleaning service requires people who are strong and can face the horrifying things found in crime scenes. It is expensive to start but give good profits once started.

All you need is good marketing skills and strategies.
Cleaning is a lucrative business and quickly grow as long as you provide high quality services,advertisement,strong marketing skills and have a good reputation.
What matters in cleaning is the network and quality of services you offer to your clients.

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