Sydney Cleaning Company Provides An Additional 1 Week Paid Holiday To Cleaners

Commercial Cleaning Company – a professional cleaning services provider in Sydney has announced they will be giving all their full time staff an additional 1 weeks paid holiday this year. At the same time, their contractors will be getting a $500 Myer gift voucher.

When asked why they are doing this, David Tran, spokesperson for Commercial Cleaning Company, says, “Our staff and contractors is what makes our company great, cleaners are one of the most underappreciated occupations and a lot of the great work they do goes unnoticed, so as one of the leaders in the industry, as employers, I feel we have a responsibility to show them that we appreciate all the hard work they put in.”

David added, “We take great pride in having a solid network of skilled, trustworthy, and professional cleaners who can provide you with all of the cleaning services that you need. Each site is thoroughly inspected regularly to ensure that we can provide all of our clients with the highest quality services. In addition, all of the cleaning supplies that we deliver to your workplace are inspected, refilled and maintained as necessary. Although it is true that you can easily find numerous companies to hire and take care of your office cleaning requirements, CCC is different, we assure you. We treat all of our clients as members of our continuously growing family.”

The company has grown rapidly the past few years and recently, they were awarded with a cleaning tender by North Sydney Council beating out several other cleaning companies as mentioned on this article 

Commercial Cleaning Company

The thing that ensures that all of the cleaning services that are provided are of the highest quality is the fact that every working space or office is treated with the utmost respect and care as if it personally belonged to them. As they are cleaning the windows, vacuuming the floors, and wiping down the desks, they imagine what a true pleasure it will be for the people working in the space or office when they come into work and find the area is sparkling clean.

Commercial Cleaning Company provides 24/7 cleaning services in order to match their clients’ schedules and to avoid their work from being interrupted. As part of the company’s commitment to providing reliable commercial cleaning services, they actively and regularly follow up with their clients as well. No matter what a client’s cleaning requirements are, they can develop a customised cleaning plan for every client.

The commercial cleaning service they provide can be classified into several different categories. They include office cleaning, warehouse cleaning, childcare cleaning, retail cleaning, strata cleaning, and pub cleaning.

Their website includes various testimonials from past clients. For example, Natalie B. wrote, “I just wanted to email you to say thank you. Your cleaners provided us with outstanding service. I am definitely going to recommend you to the other offices that are in our building. Thank you very much.” There is also one from George A. who wrote, “CCC is a very dependable cleaning service for our business. It is very refreshing to find a reputable cleaning company at last that actually delivers on its promises. Keep up the great work. You do an excellent job for us.”

David says that for almost 30 years now, Commercial Cleaning Company has based its services on the founders’ strict philosophy and those principles continue to play a major role in the company’s success. Anyone who wants to receive updates on what is occurring within the business can visit the company’s media room. To receive a free estimate or to get more information, you can contact them via email or phone or visit their website.